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[15 Oct 2019|01:06am]
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[15 Oct 2017|01:10am]
+ Barrington "Barry*" Williamson
+ 38
+ Nurse
+ Gay
+ Son of Leon
+ Children: ____ and _____

* Allows only family to call him this. Otherwise he goes by Barrington.

Growing up, Barrington had always known he was different than his friends. He didn't like girls the way they did. While all of them have crushes and even girlfriends, he was content just having girls for friends. Instead of being attracted to girls, he found that he was attracted to boys. Because he didn't want to be bullied or made fun of, he kept his feelings to himself and began to date girls. It didn't really seem right to him but he did it anyway because it was the normal thing to do and he very much wanted to be normal.

Being normal consisted of having sex. He didn't really like it but did it anyway because it was expected of him. His lack of ability to say no got him in trouble when he was eighteen and he got a girl pregnant. After they graduated, he did the right thing and eventually married her when their son, _____, was one. Despite his fears that he would fail, Barrington actually loved being a father. Even better, he was actually good at it. He was a natural. Being a husband and father wasn't too hard for him because he was used to taking care of people. It was like second nature to him. He planned on not having any more kids but life had another idea when his son _______ came into his life a few years later. He never pictured himself having two kids but he doesn't regret a second of it.

While taking care of his family was easy, being married wasn't. Inwardly, he still struggled with his sexuality and attraction towards men. Eventually, curiosity got the best of him and he began seeing men behind his loving wife's back. He would have been able to keep it all under wraps if his father and uncle had not seen him out with one of the men. His father confronted him and encouraged him to stop living a lie. It was the push he needed to come out to his family ( though he didn't mention all the random men he'd been sleeping with ).

The day he came out, his oldest son came out as well. It was a nice bonding experience for the three of them.

Kinks: Pegging, anal (giving/receiving), blowjobs (giving/receiving), rimming (receiving), age difference. Figuring it out as he goes.

Limits: Bodily functions, non-con, needles, sneaking around, nurse/patient role play ( due to his job ).
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